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For over 25 years Educators Financial Group has helped thousands of retirees build a sound financial foundation and protect their retirement savings. Our team can assist you with a personalized plan, tools and support to navigate your individual retirement roadmap. With strategies in place to protect, preserve and grow your money, planning for future income will be enhanced. We have the tools to evaluate underperforming assets and solutions to improve your situation, including reducing and/or eliminating fees. Watching your money grow while maintaining safety of principal can really add peace of mind to your overall plan.


Safety First is the primary goal at Educators Financial Group. Since we are an independent agency, our clients have the advantages of the latest account evaluation tools, best solutions for growth with safety and income planning. Safety First gives you the absolute freedom to protect your retirement savings.


At Educators Financial Group our team will keep it simple and easy to understand. Financial decisions can be complicated, so our aim is to create a practical plan presented in an uncomplicated manner. We listen to you to gain understanding of your goals and objectives. We believe a simple approach is the best way to help you understand how everything works.


The complex needs of all retirees require an advisor working with them who will listen, strategize, explain and inspire them to build a sound financial foundation to protect their retirement savings. Retirees have unique planning needs, including the need to balance the safety of their principal and grow their assets with the rest of their sometimes-complex financial picture.


Lori Bennett




Lori Bennett has over 30 years of experience in finance and retirement planning. She is passionate about helping people achieve more financial security and feel better about their money. Over her career, Lori has served individuals and families from all walks of life. Having grown up in a commercial real estate investor family, she knows the value of having a plan and working with someone whom you trust to help you make well-informed financial choices.

Lori is the principal of EFG Retirement, a subsidiary of Educators Financial Group, of which she is a founder and partner. In her firm, she works with public employees at the federal and state level, postal employees, families nearing retirement, and senior citizens. Her deep expertise with pension planning, government employee benefits, retirement income planning, and tax-smart strategies serves clients well in delivering high-quality outcomes for their deeply-held goals and hopes.

Lori has made heavy investments in her professional knowledge. Among other things, she is a Certified Senior Advisor®, a rigorous financial industry certification for those serving older adults. She also pursues continuing education so as to keep her finger on the pulse of the latest financial strategies, law changes, and other matters affecting her clients.

Many people say that working with Lori is like being around family. She prides herself on caring for every person whom she comes across, listening carefully to their personal story, finding the right solutions for them, and providing attentive, thoughtful service. She works hard to answer questions in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Her experience is also invaluable in helping people avoid costly pitfalls in retirement and enjoy a secure, confident lifestyle.

Apart from her professional work, Lori is very committed to her family and friends. She enjoys spending time with her husband, grown daughter and son-in-law, and two much-loved grandchildren. In her free time, she loves cooking, decorating, party planning, fashion, and travel. Above all, she strives to honor God in all that she does. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you plan for your financial future.


Educators Financial Group includes a full administration staff as well as highly-trained professionals with specialized expertise in federal employee benefits, public employee benefits, and retirement and financial planning. Together we have more than 75 years of combined experience that we put to work for you and your family.

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