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Educators Financial Group offers a full spectrum of financial strategies. We make it our business to learn about your specific desires, your family concerns, and what you want your retirement to look like. From that information, we design a custom retirement plan in order to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to helping you with overall financial planning and retirement planning, we implement pension options as well as other benefits and products, including life insurance, long-term-care insurance and annuities.

We have found that in the last few years in particular, insurance products have come a long way, and can provide your family with much more than just protection in the event of a death. There are new products which can offer upside growth potential, principal protection and tax-free income for heirs.

As an independent financial advisor, Educator’s Financial Group is able to provide you impartial advice and a host of new strategies from many different carriers, rather than just one.

Some of Our Services Include:

  • Many great options for retirement income planning with an emphasis on safety of principal
  • IRA tax-deferred retirement planning
  • Tax favorable transactions, such as IRA rollovers and transfers, 401(k) rollovers,
  • 403(b) exchanges, 403(b) transfers, 457(b) rollovers, TSP rollovers
  • Roth IRA tax-favorable retirement planning
  • Insurance solutions including life and annuity policies, such as fixed indexed annuities, long-term care solutions and more

Protection of Your Principal

Safety First is the primary goal at Educators Financial Group. Since we are an independent agency, our clients have the advantages of the latest account evaluation tools, best solutions for growth with safety and income planning. Safety First gives you the absolute freedom to protect your retirement savings.

Keeping It Simple

At Educators Financial Group our team will keep it simple and easy to understand. Financial decisions can be complicated, so our aim is to create a practical plan presented in an uncomplicated manner. We listen to you to gain understanding of your goals and objectives. We believe a simple approach is the best way to help you understand how everything works.

Reasonable Rate of Return

Using the latest tools, Educators Financial Group can analyze the performance of your existing accounts and annuities and show you how to increase overall growth and income while maintaining protection from market losses. If you’re like most investors, you love the big upside market returns but you hate when the market drops, and you lose those returns and sometimes your principal too. We offer plans that protect your principal and interest with upside potential but no downside market risk.

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